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We Help Company Founders and Leaders Make Informed and Strategic Decisions At Every Turn

Business and legal issues go hand-in-hand. From choosing business structures to deciding how to handle disputes when they arise, company founders and leaders face legal problems daily.

When dealing with such issues, informed decision-making is crucial. The decisions that founders, owners and executives make can have long-term implications—for their companies, employees and themselves. At Woodbury Law, we work alongside our clients’ leaders to help them make the right decisions, providing custom-tailored advice for business-related legal matters at every stage of growth.

How Can We Help Your Business?

How can we help your business? Whether you are founding a company in Florida, your business is pursuing a major transaction, your company is facing a dispute, or you simply need to ensure that you are making informed decisions with your company’s best interests in mind, founding attorney Michael Woodbury can help you move forward. We have more than 30 years of experience advising business leaders on matters such as:

Contract Negotiations

Contracts are essential to any business, and business founders, owners and executives need to ensure that their contracts contain reasonable and appropriate terms. We negotiates all types of business and commercial contracts for companies in Florida, including vendor contracts, licenses, employee agreements, and real estate acquisition and leasing contracts, among others.

Risk Management

Risk management is also essential to a business’ long-term growth and stability. Legal risks can arise in connection with various kinds of transactions under all types of scenarios, and identifying these risks is the first step toward managing them effectively. By establishing close working relationships with our clients’ owners and executives, The firm is able to provide strategic advice regarding potential risks arising in all aspects of our clients’ operations.

Evaluating Business Disputes

While commercial litigation is inevitable with some business disputes, companies can often avoid the burdens of litigation with a proactive and forward-thinking approach. At Woodbury Law, we regularly consult with our clients regarding potential disputes, helping them make informed decisions focused on mitigating costs and preserving key business relationships.  And should best efforts for a particular amicable resolution fail, our clients have the comfort of knowing that the Firm brings substantial commercial litigation experience to the table, where needed.

Get Started with a Confidential Consultation

If you would like more information about how we help company founders, owners and executives make strategic business decisions, we encourage you to contact us.